Home Boarding Services – Dogs & small pets


We can offer your beloved pet a holiday of his/her own by having them stay in our own homes. They will receive plenty of love and attention whilst with us and be treated in the same way as our own pets. They will enjoy being thoroughly spoilt the whole time they’re with us and owners will be updated with texts, calls and picture messages on request. All boarding dogs are walked twice daily. We also only board one dog at a time (more if the dog’s know each other / are from the same family), this ensures they are always our number one!

The team are fully insured, licensed and canine first aid trained.

Charges Dog Boarding:
From £20 per day+night including walks (dogs)
From £15  per day board (dogs)


Joanna Reber Cert AAB (co-owner pet-professionals) and Melanie RVN are pleased to announce the opening of exciting new small pet boarding facilities. Collectively we offer accommodation all year round, including heated winter accommodation. Jo has an exceptionally large outdoor enclosure suitable for giant rabbits and hares. Both Jo and Melanie can cater for everything from birds to small rodents like gerbils and of course rabbits and guinea pigs. We offer free nail clips, removal of matted fur and bunny bottom cleaning if required all for free to boarders (Unique to Pet-Professionals!) Both Melanie and Jo are qualified veterinary nurses and live in Shoreham by Sea.

Jo lives with her husband who is a vet specialising in small pets and cats. She has an elderly Labrador and two cats all raised around small pets. She also has a little girl who loves to pick dandelion leaves, fresh mint and parsley from the garden and feed it to the guests.

Melanie lives with her family, her husband and two children. They share their home with a parrot and a Guinea pig.

Jo and Melanie offer an exceptionally high level of care due to their qualifications and numerous years of experience. We have both completed numerous courses on the care of small pets. Unlike other larger boarding facilities Jo and Melanie can offer much more individual care and attention as they limit the number of pets they board at one time.

Please contact either of them for more information or to make a booking.

Call Jo on 07958011127 or Melanie on 07850431803

or send us an email to info@pet-professionals.co.uk

Small animal boarding charges:

£6.50 per day first pet

£1.50 per day additional pet

Additional charge for Giant rabbits and Hares is £2.00 daily per booking.

For insulated shed accommodation there is no extra charge. However if heating is required (recommended for November to February for pets that are normally indoors) there is a £2.00 per day additional charge per booking.

All fresh food, bedding materials and furniture provided.

Birds and extra small rodents (hamsters etc.) are required to come with their own cages.

Clients are asked to provide their pets normal dry food, hay and litter if they use a litter tray. Edible treats and edible furniture must also be provided by the client.

We are able to home board:

  • Dogs
  • Cats*
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • All small furries
  • Reptiles

*unfortunately we are unable to home board cats at this time but we can offer home visits as an alternative.