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There's a new dog trainer in town!


We are so thrilled to have, at last, another qualified dog trainer join our team who shares the same ethos, passion, kindess and thirst for knowledge that we do.

It's no secret that both Sarah T & Jo have been booked up for training and behaviour for weeks and months in advance for quite some time. We truly want to be able to help every single person and pet who reaches out to us and often time is of the essence.

With Sarah K on board we can now refer some of our training cases onto her with the full support of Sarah & Jo at all times.

With other members of our team also currently studying to become trainers and behaviourists it really is an exciting time!

A bit about Sarah...

Sarah lives in Worthing with her partner Sam and her rescue English Bull Terrier Prea. Little did Sarah know at the time that Prea was the start of her new journey into dog training and behaviour…

Sarah lived and worked in London as a Veterinary nurse until about 6 years ago when Prea was brought into the emergency clinic where she worked. Prea had clearly been abused and had several stab wounds. Sarah instantly fell in love with Prea and decided to get help from a trainer and Behaviourist in London after realising understandably that Prea had a lot of behaviour issues.

With the help of a qualified behaviourist, Sarah worked with Prea and under their advice, Sarah and her partner took Prea away for a week to her mums house in Worthing to help her decompress from life in London. When they arrived there, after a few days they saw the change in Prea, it was like a huge sigh of relief. It was at that moment that Sarah and Sam decided to start a new life. They packed up, changed jobs and bought a new home in Worthing.

Sarah’s new found interest and love in the training and behaviour world deepened and she was left wanting more....

Sarah has trained and qualified with PACT- The professional association of canine trainers and is now an ABTC-ATI and registered with the ABTC . Sarah is also a certified Fear Free professional and her passion is to help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs and cats (and their owners) when visiting the vets. Sarah see’s this on a daily basis and would love to help owners alleviate this stress. Sarah loves Canine Co-operative care and is almost ready to gain her level 2 certificate with Prea.

Sarah is currently studying Behaviour and her end goal is to be a CAB (Certified Animal Behaviourist) like Jo!

Welcome to the team Sarah!

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