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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

“1 year ago I rang Pet-Professionals for help with my Golden Retriever. He was attacked three times by other dogs.. This made him very defensive… and to top the lot a young boy hit him in the face…. this made him dislike children. So to take him for a walk was very hard… we became twilight walkers. Well with their help and training.. and very good positive reward based training… and a very good training schedule, last but by no means least they were always there to help me and my dog through bad days. Now we walk any time of day… he doesn’t mind bikes.. scooters wheelchairs which was another problem… he plays with other dogs… and lets children stroke him and cuddle him. We can only say…. A BIG THANKYOU"

from Me and Rebelee. xxx

“Would like to say a big thank you to Jolene, she’s been walking Skyla for the last 5 months and we’ve noticed a massive difference in her since. Skyla is such a placid content dog now thanks to Jo and she waits at the window every morning for her! We’ve even noticed how well she walks on the lead now. Jo really helped us cope at a hard time when an innocent husky pup is full of beans and hitting adolescence and she has giving us lots of helpful advice. It’s so comforting to see the relationship they have and know that my dog is in good hands… So thank you again!
Would recommend to anyone that needs an extra help with walks and a bit of training etc”  

Sheree Mastromarino, owner of Skyla

Harriet-May is a long haired rescue cat of around 14 years of age. Pet-Professionals were recommended by a colleague, I wish I had found these wonderful ladies years ago.
Sarah and Ruth are so gentle and reassuring. Dematting and claw clipping is no fuss at all. Im delighted that Harriet’s routine care is now in the hands of such kind and skilled professionals.
I’m so grateful to Pet-Professionals for being so wonderful with our cat.” 

Adam & Jill, owners of precious Harriet-May

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Vikki from Pet Professionals. Vikki is understanding of our dog’s sensitivities and is wonderfully flexible allowing me peace of mind when I can’t take him to work with me. He is always relaxed and sleepy when I get home which is all a pet parent can ask. She genuinely loves our pooch and I am so grateful that his walking needs are in such good and kind hands. Thank you so much!”

Hannah and Arlow

Dog Walker at the Park

“I attended the puppy classes with my cavalier Poppy when she was 15 weeks old, she loved it and so did we! The classes were well run and lots of fun, cant recommend them highly enough”

Suzanne Arnold, owner of Poppy the Cavalier

“Vikki is fantastic! So good with my rather neurotic greyhound who absolutely loves her! Vikki is so flexible as well which we really value and appreciate as our working hours can be a bit erratic. She is an absolute star and we couldn’t be without her – she is always going above and beyond!”

Caroline Gregory

“I have used pet professionals ongoing a while back when seeking advice and help with my boxers for behaviour and now ongoing with Karen as our dog walker. Karen knows the dogs are not the easiest of dogs and works with me and continues to advise and help me so that even when I walk them I am in full control and walks are positive. She always has the dogs best interest at heart and will keep me informed of new ideas etc. She is far more than a dog walker. Thank you”

Sonia Townsend

“We have used Sarah for dog training throughout our dogs life. From Puppy classes, again at adolescence and then again when my dog was attacked and needed some confidence boosting.  It is so reassuring knowing that there is amazing support at the end of the phone at any time I need and Sarah has always gone above and beyond for us and Willow. She makes training fun and really knows her stuff! Would recommend her a million times over.”

Natasha Willis, owner of Willow

“I’m reluctant to write a review as I don’t want anyone else to know about the fantastic service Karen offers in case she gets too busy and there’s no room for Bella! Our Labradoodle can’t get through the door quick enough when she goes to stay and she never looks back… That’s enough of a good sign for me. I’m always updated with photos on how Bella is getting on and she comes home thoroughly exhausted! It’s a lovely home from home environment only better because there’s Karen’s dogs there too. Big thumbs up from me and a massive tail wag from Bella. Thanks Karen”

From Catherine with Bella 

A big thank you to Karen Keen from Pet-Professionals for being there for my dogs and I in recent months. Due to my ongoing ill health and not being able to drive currently, Karen has not only helped me out by taking my dogs to the vets on a couple of occasions but has also been coming to my home weekly, picking my dogs and I up just so they can be walked somewhere other than locally all the time. It’s been great to see them so happy, enjoying the places I have taken them to over the years. Thank you Pet-Professionals for the brilliant service you provide…responsible, caring, friendly and always punctual, it is much appreciated!” 

Michelle Gost

dog running with toy

I am so lucky to have Rosie walking my dog Clover. She is so kind and patient with my very energetic young cockerpoo.  Clover absolutely adores Rosie and she is treated like one of the family when she goes for daycare at Rosie's home. Rosie always has time to let me know how Clover is doing and offer helpful advice whenever I have needed it.  I can't thank her enough.

Nicola & Clover

My little guy, Sonny, was territorial in the home and had severe fear aggression with strangers, other dogs and even inanimate objects.
Barking, growling, lunging and more.

Behaviourist Jo, came to visit us and help us with a very in depth plan tailored to us. 
She is amazing and I am very pleased with the progress we have both made. 

Sonny has improved greatly. I have learnt so much more about him and our bond has gotten a lot stronger.

Sonny now knows his new jobs and gets on with those whilst I calmly take control of situations that would normally make him very anxious.

We are on a journey together and I see a huge improvement already.

We now have more and more days where other people can see Sonny for the amazing, loving, energetic, and eager to please little guy that he REALLY is behind his anxiety. 

I have grown as an owner and Sonny has learnt what it is to be a happy dog. We are both more relaxed and happy.

Thankyou Jo. I will keep you updated. 

Stevie Lilac Retfalvy

Rosie at Pet-Professionals looked after our dog Molly for two years until she sadly died in her old age of a behemoth of maladies. Molly had day care 3 days a week and sometimes boarded too and we felt leaving her with Rosie was as good as leaving her with a close friend or family member, we always knew she would be well cared for, safe and in her second home. Rosie has great communication and can be flexible depending on her schedule and will do as much as is possible to help, which was great for us with an often changing diary. If we were to get another dog quite simply we would go to Rosie.

Kaytee & Andy with Molly

Amazing Professional service from the Team at Pet Professionals, my boy Ninja absolutely loves all the team and gets so excited when he gets picked up for walkies and or has a day with Ruth or Hayely, they get a better welcome then me from Ninja. All the team do a great job and are trustworthy completely. I've had some great videos of Ninja out on walks and always comes back wanting a nap. 
The only company I trust with my Doggie.

Nick Hillier with Ninja

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