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Together again

Nearly 14 years ago I was blessed enough to meet the two most wonderful dogs.

They became my very first dog walking clients and bought me nothing but pure joy every time I was with them.

Not only did I get the privilege of sharing their lives with them I also got the privilege of becoming part of their amazing family.

I loved them like my own from the very beginning - from when they came through my puppy classes at just 12 weeks old. I loved them like my own when we walked the fields for hours. I loved them like my own at the very end, when all they could manage was a cuddle on the floor.

Losing Rosie just before Christmas was hard enough but then to lose Barney so close too has been devastating. They had the most amazing bond and obviously couldn’t bear to be parted.

Thank you to your wonderful family for trusting me for nearly 14 years. I have loved every minute.

Barney and Rosie - together again <3

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